is an idea based on the benefit from the community power through participating both the individuals and companies and all the civil society institutions in collecting important points and other data that relates to creating maps and data base to achieve continuous update and keep pace with reality.
How does Endo Work

How does Endo Work

  • Endo Application works on smart phones to facilitate adding process through adding specific information with important points in a fixed sequence ,all the gathering data gets recorded in a special data base for the company.
  • All the points which the user collects it will be represented plus the financial value gained through it.
The importance of Endo

The importance of Endo

  • Endo’s importance represents in how spreading it is, the goal of it is not only commercial profit but also activating the social role for the commercial companies through involving the individual community power in the work environment through implementing the application of points program or as it called the beneficial exchange through adding number of points to the participants in the process of collecting ,Each point has some conditions; Accuracy and here comes the results of collecting the points in money form which will be transferred to the participants’ account to encourage , motivate and build trust that achieves the benefit and to assure the continuously at future.
  • Therefore youth will be the targeted category to get use of their spare time during involving all the students and job researchers in an excellent opportunity to get the benefits in return which called temporarily work .Also, Knowing the new technical processes and getting ready to the real labor market plus the financial benefit.
  • The main target is to create a huge data base that have a real reflection to reality including the participating community power data and its future power for any required update in these data.


Assuring The most accuracy data


Huge big data reflects the reality


The participants in the process of collecting the points will get money exchange that will be transferred to his account.

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practice work , gain technical experience and finally get the financial benefit from it.

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